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About Main Street Contractors

Main Street Contractors is a family-owned business that provides reliable and professional home improvement services, adding luxury and value to your property. Our team of trained and certified professionals delivers exceptional quality work that upgrades your property and gives it a modern feel!

  • Our Vision

    We aim to meet the needs of the investors and home-owners with honesty and integrity!

  • Our Mission

    We aspire to deliver quality home improvement services without breaking your bank!

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Promising Client Satisfaction in Every Single Project!
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Main Street Contractors guarantees you efficient and trustworthy services with advanced technology.

  • Excellent Customer Service.
  • Honest Estimates.
  • Knowledgeable Workers.
  • Same Day Delivery.
  • Timely Projects.



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Unique Services with Fair-Priced Products,
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Main Street Contractors: General Home Remodeling Indy Indiana & Alabama, USA