Insurance Contractor

Was Your Home Damaged by an Unexpected Disaster?

Was Your Home Damaged by an Unexpected Disaster?

Our insurance repair contractor will help get you money for the necessary repairs

Was your Indianapolis or Nashville, IN home affected by a flood? Was your home significantly damaged after a break-in? Main Street Contractors will work with your insurance company to help get the funds you need for repairs. Our insurance repair contractor can meet with an insurance adjuster to determine the estimated cost of repairs. If we determine the repairs will cost more than expected, we'll send an adjuster claim to get the money you need. We're always on your side and will do what we can to eliminate your out-of-pocket repair costs.

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4 benefits of working with an insurance contractor

Using a professional insurance repair contractor comes with many advantages. Our experienced professional will:

  • Handle all communications with your insurance company
  • Negotiate with your insurance company
  • Ensure all claims are submitted in a timely manner
  • Provide the necessary repairs, so your life can return to normal
Find relief after a disaster. Contact us today to schedule service with our insurance repair contractor.

Main Street Contractors is a preferred contractor for Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Erie, and Openly. We also handle claims for other carriers as well.

Many insurance companies would rather send their adjuster out and send you a check that falls short of what it really costs to repair your damage. They just want the claim to go away at the lowest possible cost to them.

Fortunately, we can make sure you are receiving the most from your insurance claim and provide professional repairs. We know exactly how to deal with the adjusters and chances are we already have a working relationship with the local field adjuster.